Sport For Good Playbook Part Two: Rationalise

Part two takes a look at how brands can rationalise their investments and whether its possible to draw a direct link between purpose and profit.

The first part of this series looked at what brands must consider from the outset as they embark on their sports sustainability journey. As the experts explained, for any strategy to be truly effective, resources and investment should be channelled towards causes that are genuinely material to the brand in question. Brands must also take a holistic view of their sport for good strategies, aligning their investments with broader company objectives relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors whilst monitoring their progress against global standards and targets.

There is no denying that establishing a comprehensive strategy takes time, commitment and collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, but in truth declaring lofty goals is the easy part. What really matters is the subsequent action, not the initial statement of intent – and, of course, being able to prove that sports-focused purpose investments drive tangible growth across the triple bottom line.

So how can brands rationalise their investments? What metrics should they measure and report internally to determine and communicate the success of their sports partnerships? And is it possible to draw a direct link between purpose and profit?

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