Sport For Good Playbook Part Three: Communicate

Part one of a new content series detailing how brands can use their investments in sport to drive meaningful change.
Sport For Good Playbook part three: How brands use storytelling to drive awareness and action

Part one of this series laid out the key ingredients for an effective sports sustainability strategy, before part two looked at how companies operating in the space are rationalising their purpose investments in line with brand and business objectives.

Together, the first two parts outlined the main considerations for brands as they embark on their sport for good journey. So what comes next? The strategy has been determined, the objectives identified, the business case made and internal buy-in secured. The next step on the journey, then, is all about action. Now, the real work begins.

In this instalment, we’ll explore how brands go about championing their purpose and amplifying their message through sport. With input from sustainability experts at the likes of Sky and Unilever, we’ll consider the importance of storytelling for driving awareness and inspiring action, and how external partners and third-party platforms can be effectively leveraged to build a compelling, authentic campaign narrative.

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