Sport For Good Playbook Part Four: How brand activism can turn purpose into action

Part one of a new content series detailing how brands can use their investments in sport to drive meaningful change.
Sport For Good Playbook part four: How brand activism can turn purpose into action

The first three parts of this series looked at how brands go about strategising, rationalising and communicating their purpose investments in sport. The aim has been to lay out the foundations upon which any brand can build their own sport for good strategy, secure the internal support necessary to fund and implement it, and then begin to create effective campaigns and programmes that inspire individual action and make a meaningful impact across the triple bottom line.

In this instalment, we’ll consider how companies invested in sport are doubling down on those efforts by actively mobilising communities of people and organisations around a common cause. We’ll explore how brands are collaborating with external stakeholders, such as grassroots organisations, industry coalitions and working groups, and athlete activists, to scale up their impact and bring about lasting, systemic change.

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