Purpose & Methodology

We’re delighted to introduce the inaugural Laureus Sport for Good Index – an annual list of the brands that are leading the way in delivering social or ecological impact through sport.


The Index celebrates those brands that, through collaboration, innovation and creativity, are making significant contributions across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as laid out by the United Nations. Determined by an independent judging panel of industry experts, it is the product of a rigorous assessment of brand activities against six key selection criteria. 

The purpose of the Index is to shine a light on those organisations that are having the clearest and most meaningful impact, celebrate their successes and learnings, and provide compelling evidence for the role that sport can play in driving sustainable change, be that societal or environmental. 

For all brands investing in sport, whether or not they feature in the Index, there is still much work to do to deliver against sport’s potential to instigate change. But for now, let’s celebrate the impact that has been achieved to date.


To ensure the democratisation of the brands considered, SportsPro and Laureus worked with stakeholders across sport and sustainability to bring together an initial list of brands and case studies to be considered. We also worked with those stakeholders to create the criteria those brands would be assessed against.

The brands were assessed by our panel of judges, whose expertise covers brand marketing and sports partnerships along with social, ecological and financial sustainability in and outside of the sports industry. Though there were some brands who were clear choices by the judges, there were others that sparked significant debate and discussion. The entire process was overseen by an independent adjudicator.

We encourage all stakeholders in sport to evaluate the brands selected in the inaugural Sport for Good Index, and to utilise the case studies when considering their own purpose-led initiatives.

The Sport for Good Index is a timely reminder of the transformational power of sport. A huge amount of progress has been made since Laureus was created in 2000, with organisations and brands becoming more and more socially aware. In 2021, purpose lies at the heart of many of the organisations working to deliver positive social or ecological impact through sport.

On behalf of the Laureus Academy, we are proud to celebrate the progress being made in this space by the brands listed in the inaugural Sport for Good Index. We’re also excited to engage with more organisations around the world to showcase and highlight the true value sport can play in wider society in future.

Edwin Moses, Chair of Laureus Sport for Good

Sport has the power to change the world and brands hold much of that power. The inaugural Laureus Sport for Good Index recognises and champions those brands using their position in sport to drive positive environmental and social progress across the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Index showcases the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of brands driving sport for good. SportsPro and Laureus’ ambition is to inspire and accelerate action from other brands and sports stakeholders to implement their own triple bottom line strategies.

Paul Guest, Commercial Director at Sportspro

Key considerations for the Overall Assessment – The Triple Bottom Line.


Is the brand ensuring that the sports industry becomes a more equitable place for its stakeholders and provides greater social value to its communities?


Is the brand actively reducing sport's ecological footprint and ensuring that it’s partners do the same?


Is the brand ensuring the sports industry and its stakeholders garner economic benefits by implementing policies which prioritise society and the environment within which they operate?’

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We are delighted to introduce the inaugural Sport for Good Index applauding those brands and individuals who are leading the way.

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